Episode One Hundred And Forty Three – Malevolent Immediacy

The so-called Department of Malevolent Immediacy are those people who turn up right when you’re about to make a life-changing mistake, asking whether, maybe, they can help you to choose a different path.
They’re here to help you to be a better person.
Question is; Are they right, and are they lying?

A game system where the big important things you do refine the character down to who they really are, at the expense of who they could have been.

The adventures of a racing crew keeping their team in the championship with increasing ill-will towards the driver, who’s … kind of a jackass.

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Episode One Hundred And Forty Two – Power Drift

Giant autonomous trucks make their way through the increasingly-abandoned areas outside of the cities.
There’s some fantastic cargo onboard if you’re good enough to take it. Of course, there may also be security onboard.

The Cities are wonderful, the Countryside is a hard desperate struggle, but if you can gain enough favour you can make the jump from Country to City.
Except that’s a lie, and folks are starting to figure that out.
The problem with having a downtrodden underclass is convincing them to stay that way.

Iceberg racing down the slopes of an enormous volcano on a low-gravity world, modifying your berg as the race progresses.
Getting to the bottom first gets you the win, but the other teams will have a few tricks to pull, and there’s also the issue of stopping

Life behind the scenes in a high-tech racing crew.

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Episode One Hundred And Forty One – “Here, have a protein squirrel”

Genetically Modified Adorable Food Mascots Trow Off The Shackles Of Their Behaviour Chips And Plot A Bid For Freedom!

Ben tries to make Hiking interesting with the Power of Gaming!

People try to understand, and ideally survive, in utterly unfamiliar environments


Episode One Hundred And Forty – Super Powers or your money back! 100% Guaranteed!

Investigators look into ‘We Can Give You Superpowers’ claims, trying to protect people from the scams, the dangerous scams, the snake-oil salesmen, and the 100% lethal scams.
And the occasional ones which are so much worse than just being fatal.

Having super-powered employees is a status symbol, and having super powers, even if they’re not very useful, is fast becoming a necessity if you want a job.

Metahumans Anonymous: Reluctant Superheroes trying to deal with being expected to use their unwanted superpowers.

Congratulations; You have a totally random superpower!
Now go out there and Make A Difference!!

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Episode One Hundred And Thirty Nine – “The Maltese Falcon gun, a famous weapon once owned by the King of the Popes”

Q: What does this obscure clue mean? What can it possibly be pointing to?
A: Whatever the PCs decide, because they’re the experts.

Society has fallen apart, and the world has changed.
Or Has It?
What if the world is fine, but your perception of it is wrong?

Wildly Anachronistic High-Action AlchemyPunk in the Holy Land!
Adventures in the Misunderstood Present!


Episode One Hundred And Thirty Seven – Telepathic Murder Ghosts Coming Out Of The Trees

Trees Hate Us; They’ve found ways to influence people & get into their thoughts, and now, not even paper is safe

The forests are desperately trying to redress an imbalance, but from a human point of view that looks a whole lot like people up and vanishing into the woods.

Big Paulie’s crew ended up owning the forest as part of a failed development scam, and when Carmine took over, he used it as a tax dodge and carbon credit scam, with a sideline as a Christmas Tree farm.
Turns out that Big Paulie monetised corpse disposal for half the state, and those justifiably pissed-off ghosts have started escaping from their unmarked graves by hitching rides on the Christmas Trees planted over their bodies.

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Episode One Hundred And Thirty Six- “I knew there was something I was supposed to do, but I can’t remember what it was…”

A group of total strangers who are distresingly familiar to each other attempt to work out what disaster befel their city, why they feel like they had something to do with it, and whether it could happen again.

The Universe is broken, the backup is corrupted, and you’re trying to rebuild from your own hazy memories of what it was like.
And maybe sneak in some improvements at the same time.

The Social Collateral system rewards helpful deeds & improves efficiency by ensuring that nobody can forget a task.
And yet it feels like that’s what’s happening, even though the system says it isn’t.

The World’s Greatest Genius needs a retinue of people to keep them on track & remind them to wear pants, and to stop anyone finding out that this is the case.
That’s where you come in.

Auto-Targeting systems mean that if you look human, and are a combatant, you get hit; The only defense is camoflage which obscures the human form.
In these dark times, Furries are our only hope for survival.

Airship Pirates stage raids on the Politico-Corporate Empire of the Mouse, rebroadcasting IP to anyone with the will to watch it and concealing their identities by wearing the cartoonish heads of the oppressor.

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Episode One Hundred And Thirty Five – Things Are Going Down At Disney Town

The AI cast members at the theme park became a vital part of the experience; A wild assortment of characters you could talk to who would always remember your name and were always happy to see you.
Then things fell apart, and the people stopped coming, and the cast members found themselves without anything to do.
So they went out to find out where the guests had gone.

Rather than put people in unconvincing suits, the Theme Park uses modified people, but for everyone who is convincing enough to be a star, there are many who just don’t make the grade. They can get some work, but they’ll never break out of the Park Ghetto of the not-quite-right.
Now that one of them has gone rogue and is committing unspeakable crimes in their shanty town, it’s up to a “goofy-looking” PI to find them and stop them.

“Camp”, by Faraz Shanyar

Faraz Shanyar’s Artstation Portfolio

Hot blob: vast patch of warm water off New Zealand coast puzzles scientists

Calypso Music

Mulling / Mulled Cider

Asimov’s Three Laws Of Robotics

Wreck-It Ralph

Disneyland Park (originally Disneyland)
Walt Disney World


Ellen Ripley

Lord Humungus
Immortan Joe
Mad Max Franchise

Defunctland (youtube)

Abandoned Mister Blobby Amusement Park
Footrot Flats
Footrot Flats: The Dogs Tale Tail
( I couldn’t find much of anything on the now-defunct Footrot Flats Leisure Park. Seems it only lasted a few years, got rebranded, and died. Here’s the best thing I could find. ~ T. Jones )

Rainbow’s End

Disneyland Paris

Avatar: The Last Airbender
Avatar (James Cameron/Giant Smurf)

Spirited Away

Bats Day

Kingdom Hearts

Vanellope Von Schweetz
Captain Jack Sparrow

Toy Story Franchise
Mad Max: Fury Road

Little Robots, Big World – The Gutter Skypes
This was a multi-episode game run by Trilobite; Links to the MP3 for the episodes as follows ~ T. Jones

The Brave Little Toaster
There Will Come Soft Rains, by Ray Bradbury

Zack Snyder
Justice League

The Snyder Cut

Blade Runner
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Bill Watterson
Calvin & Hobbes
Berke Breathed
Bloom County

Underground RPG

Buck’s Fizz (drink)
Bucks Fizz (band)

The Witcher (TV)

Cool World

Blacksad (comic)

Donald Duck

The Dresden Files

French Foreign Legion

The Crow
Dark City

Walt Disney

Tank Riot (podcast) and their Walt Disney episode.

(Regarding the “crude graffiti”, there is a story from Walt’s youth (recounted above at 20:55) which often involves mentions of corporal punishment. The Tank Riot crew briefly infer that it was subject rather than the permanence of the medium that inspired his fathers wrath. And then they repeated it as a running gag for the following decade. They are a true inspiration. ~ T. Jones)

Jacinda Ardern
John Key and “that photo.”