Episode One Hundred And Twenty Three – Tomb Temperature

Tomb Temperature

The Imperial Tomb is a model of the afterlife, and holds the remains of Emperors, Governors, and Important People; It is, quite literally, the Tomb of the Empire. And when the conditions are just right, the model becomes real, and the Tomb becomes a gateway to the afterlife.
That’s when the gravediggers have to put back whatever leaks out.

How do you even make a Zombie Medical Drama RPG?

The Necropolis has been frozen for aeons, but it’s now starting to thaw out, and the residents are starting to thaw.
Somewhere in there are the secrets needed to freeze it again, but getting to them take a lot of planning, a lot of care, and will be a serious undertaking.

When Will Dynamic Ad Insertion Take Over Podcasting? – Backyard Media
( Covers Dynamic Insertion without being too much of an ad in itself or having many many annoying pop-ups ~ T. Jones )

Welcome To Night Vale
The Daily Zeitgeist
Black Tape Podcast

Venom (movie)

Chernobyl Sarcophagus

Stalker (game)
The Roadside Picnic, by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky

Mr. Vampire

Terracotta Army
Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor



Day Of The Dead


Technical Debt

Terry Pratchett

St. Elsewhere
Shortland Street

Episode Fifty – Ghostwatch

Ghostwatch (tv)

Matter, by Iain M Banks

The Mummy


The Man In The Maze, by Robert Silverberg

Old School Renaissance

Gronan’s Guide To Gaming

A Game of Thrones riff on the White Stripes

Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG

Episode Sixty One – I Am Now The Proud Possessor Of A Haunted Demon Amplifier

Iron Maiden

H.P Lovecraft
Cthulhu Mythos

Spinal Tap

Bureau 13: Stalking The Night Fantastic

Fate of Cthulhu Kickstart


Bill Hicks



Marcel Proust

Conlon Nancarow

Kung Fu Vampire Killers
( The only references I could find to this relate to a Horror Anthology called either “Hi-8” or “Horror Independent 8”, where Bloodgasm is a movie within a movie. ~ T. Jones )

( from The Gratuitous B-Movie Column )

The third story, by Tom Masiello, is called “The Tape” and involves Tim (Travis Hoecker), a video store employee who becomes infatuated with a weird as hell shot-on-video horror movie called “Bloodgasm.” As far as the employee can tell, “Bloodgasm” was never released to the public and the creator of it is a recluse of some sort. Tim is so obsessed with “Bloodgasm,” both watching it and researching it, he ignores his hot girlfriend Phoebe (Bobbi Beach). When Tim finally finds the director of “Bloodgasm” and goes to meet him, the encounter changes his life forever. In general, I liked the way this short builds to finding the “Bloodgasm” creator, but the way it ends is unsatisfying. Personally, I don’t think the ending makes any sense. With a different ending, “The Tape” would be a classic horror short. As it exists now, it’s a fun disappointment. Still worth watching.

~ my bad! – I meant Deathgasm (2015)

Alien Weaponry (band)

Six Feet Under (tv)

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