Episode One Hundred And Thirty – I Owe it All To My Digital Wristwatch

Time travellers attempting to blend in run into problems when they don’t know that they’re not using the right language.

Cheesy 80’s Kids Shows, where sly end-of-episode comments are a private joke between the protagonists and the audience.

Corporate executives combine the powers of their ludicrously expensive watches to form … Captain OfIndustry!

Backwards & Ford: Gerald Ford travels through time, possibly with a team of plucky youngsters, righting wrongs & setting history straight. (Possibly battling Evil Nixon in an effort to restore Good Nixon, or maybe subtly influencing the timeline to produce the best possible Nixon )

A group of police officers notice that the weirdness they’re seeing matches elements from their theological or cultural backgrounds. Many different cultural or theological backgrounds.

When aliens issue a challenge for dominance, electric cart jousting is the only logical option.

Whenuapai Air Base

David Cronenberg

Cheesehead Hat
Cow Pat

Moore’s Law

Calculator Watch
Game & Watch
Pocket Watch

Hello Fellow Kids



Tales From The Loop
Kids On Bikes

The Goonies

The Jank Cast

The Kids From OWL

Never Say Never Again
Albert R. Broccoli

Power Rangers
Captain Planet and the Planeteers

Jimmy Hoffa

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

President Gerald Ford

Pulsar Calculator Watch

The Lost Chapter: A Concise History Of The LED watch

Digital Dust: What happened to the digital watch?

President Jimmy Carter

Time Travelling Teddy Roosevelt & His Time Travelling Rough Riders
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Emperor Norton

Time Cellist
Yo-Yo Ma

Quantum Leap
Twin Peaks

Misspent Youth
Steal Away Jordan

Episode One Hundred And Twenty Nine – Aliens have landed at Gen Con and only stalwart games can defeat them!

Episode One Hundred And Twenty Eight – Religious Cops Train To Fight Magic

The Strange
Monte Cook Games
Cypher System
TORG Eternity

The Dresden Files


Kung Fu Vampire Killers

Dunedin, New Zealand

Mister Vampire

Atomic Robo RPG

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