Episode One Hundred And Eighteen – The Winter of our Discotheque

Episode 118 - The Winter Of Our Discotheque

Genre-themed Librarians battle the forces of evil. Quietly.

A venue shared between the Summer & Winter Courts of Faerie transitions from a generations-long reign of summer into an unexpected winter primacy.

A nightclub which serves as a refuge from the dark.

Plucky clubbers work together to save their beloved nightclub, without 100% understanding the backstory as to why it’s being sold.

Strange happenings at the all-ages venue need to be investigated, even though that place is totally lame. Also, that super-hot new kid might be there.

Is there a space for a Meddling Kids vs. Criminals game where harming the kids is simply not done, and the surprisingly ethical mobsters instead use social pressures to keep the little brats in line?

Richard III in the 70’s

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Episode One Hundred And Seventeen – Sailor Noir

Episode 117 - Sailor Noir
Episode 117 - Sailor Noir

With a special guest appearance by every damn bird in the area

You are the ultra powerful, “last resort” of your super hero team. You
are capable of so much, but can you restrain your abilities well enough?

Sailor scouts from multiple dimensions converge to confront a terrible threat. And their own bizarre counterparts.

Travelling between remote communities, an amateur detective attempts to solve mysteries in bleak and harsh environment without completely disrupting the finely poised community.

An isolated space station is stranded by the changing fortunes of trade and technology. Can the inhabitants work together to keep the lights on and everyone alive, or is it too late for that?

Turf war between renegade Magical Girl gangs is ugly, ugly thing.

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Episode One Hundred And Sixteen – On Thursday, he became a Monk, which no-one expected


When your team’s quarry suddenly takes up holy orders, you have to reassess. Is their sudden repentance genuine? Even if it isn’t, acquiring your target becomes much harder when they’re living in an environment where you can’t blend in because everybody knows what everyone looks like.
…and maybe they have chosen that particular place because they know something you don’t?

A meta-curse has a party member working their way through the classes in the player’s handbook in order.
That’s ridiculous enough, but what does it mean when they suddenly skip a few?

Magic didn’t enter the world gradually; Nope, people went to bed as utterly mundane medieval folks, and woke up with class abilities as a brand-new race.

How do you get your golem repaired?

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Episode One Hundred And Fifteen – The Haunted World of El Superbeasto

The Haunted World Of El Superbeasto

The Haunted World Of El Superbeasto


Masked grapplers travel between isolated settlements, their performance thrilling the crowds and providing a sense of safety and justice.  In the wastes between, they live the battles in truth.

The monsters hide their faces to pass among us.  Are their intentions ill, or have the evils they have fought warped them in turn?

The subjects of unsanctioned experiments escape with the aid of newly expanded senses.  But their pursuer has access to the same treatments they have, and no fear of using them.

A monster hunts the citizens of an isolated town – but is very particular about how it strikes. What does it know that the town doesn’t?

Riding the rails for free always has it’s risks, but one railway bull is feared beyond all others.


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Episode One Hundred And Fourteen – DIE FARBEN!

People and objects changing from greyscale to colour is a wonderful way to depict change, be it in aspects of the world, or in the world you inhabit. But from the point of view of someone who’s accustomed to a greyscale world, it’d look uncannily, possibly horrifically, wrong.

Colour has been leeched from the world by Our Oppressive Grey Overlords, but a few members of the resistance hold objects which have retained their colour, and wield powers based upon that colour. Of course, once they’ve wielded their powers, the colour sticks around, so it’s pretty hard to be stealthy about it.

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Episode One Hundred And Thirteen – Never Go Full-Force On An Éclair, Son

Never Go Full-Force On An Eclair, Son

A rowdy bunch of biker mice, looking to make their bones pulling off a big score, are about to learn a lesson about hubris.

The mentor of an impetuous adventure attempts to tease out the story of how their student has most recently misapplied their patient instruction.

Further ruminations of why pillaging the people of the past for “good stock” is morally, and existentially, perilous.

Trapped in time-loop that resets upon death, formerly cautious chrononauts resort to more and more desperate strategies, trying to dodge their own previous iterations.


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Episode One Hundred And Twelve – Volcano Day

Volcano Day

The tiny band of survivors are all that’s left of Humanity. They don’t have the right skills, or enough people, to rebuild, but they do have a time machine and the ability to pluck people out of history who’d otherwise have died in various disasters, and those people would have the skills.
Everyone in the past knew this sort of stuff, right?
And they’d be really grateful, and be happy to do what we said, wouldn’t they?

Volcanic activity caused by the gravity of a nearby body moves across the planet in a regular and predictable way, so a sufficiently daring crew could take advantage of that to run their heist when they know that everyone will have cleared out.
Of course, that does mean dealing with the eruption.

It’s one thing to find that you’re living in a simulation & try to step outside of it, to meet the entities who created you. What happens when you get access to the controls?

Explorers find the under-construction robotic invasion fleet which someday soon will wipe out Humanity.
Right now, it has no idea they’re there, but that’s going to change if they’re not very careful indeed.

The reason we’ve never found aliens is that humanity from an alternate timeline has been wiping them out to ‘protect’ us, whether we want them to or not. The trail of genocide is, apparently, for our own good.

Without money, the orphanage will close. The folks who should have solved the problem are in jail or on the run, so it’s up to a strange time-traveller and their companions to set things right.

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Episode One Hundred And Eleven – “We’re wearing fezzes, sunglasses, and it’s dark out. Hit it!”

We're wearing fezzes, sunglasses, and it's dark out. Hit it!


A quirky fraternal order is stranded far from home and their charitable objective.  Can trans-dimensional bar-flies help them fulfill their task?

The lodges of the Shriners protect arcane secrets as it’s members protect our sleeping world from nameless horrors.

The drifts of nigh-invisible infra-red laser lensing  creatures lie between you and your objective.  But as you forge ahead, they start changing their behaviour in unsettling ways.

Your parent’s fantasy gaming junk is weirdly authentic and the journal of their “games” entirely too detailed.  Did they actually save a world long ago?


Craig’s GenCon 2018 Ramblings!

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Episode One Hundred And Ten – Good news; I have solved the Fermi Paradox. Bad news…

Good News; I Have Solved The Fermi Paradox - Bad News: I Have Solved The Fermi Paradox

We are living in a detailed and exacting simulation of the most boring possible universe.
Once you know that, can you reach outside the simulated environment to other environments? Or maybe to the people who are doing the simulations?
Alternatively, can you hack your own simulation?

The reason that our part of the universe looks like it does is that we live in a heritage cluster with a strong & boring Galactic Home Owners Association, who really aren’t prepared for what Humanity is going to be like as a neighbor.

Dinosaurs, as a species, guarantee their own discontinuous existence by being constantly recreated by races who come along after they die out.

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Episode One Hundred And Nine – The survey team’s last contact filled me with elation… and dread.

The survey team's last contact filled me with elation ... and dread


The Temporal Survey team SHOULD have reported back by now. They SHOULD have been back a moment after they left. But they’re not, and while the standard dead-drop messages they left prove that they made it, they also give no sign that they ran into trouble.
Which means you need to send ANOTHER team back to see what happened to them, haul them out of trouble, and not screw up the timeline.

Xenoarchaeologists digging through alien trash find a still-working device from an ancient culture. It wants to serve its new masters, but there’s the little question of what that might mean in practice.

Ben rants about how difficult it is to build a trap that’ll last long enough to endanger someone exploring the ruins of your civilization, to the extent that it’s almost like everyone is working towards the same goal.

Humanity goes out there, finds horrifying stuff, and makes use of it; It’s just what they do.
The dread that comes along with it is really just a by-product.

When your best option is to miniaturise the rest of your team and inject them into your own body to keep them safe, you’ve got problems.
When you’re trying not to dies from your injuries, while your miniature team-mates battle the equally miniature causes of those injuries, you’ve all got problems.

The Antarctic survey team are on their way back, working along the chain of supply drops.
They’re making suspiciously good time for people on foot in a blizzard, and their reports are … kind of creepy.

Mapping out ruins is very much a part of archaeology, but according to the survey, those two rooms overlap, …

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