Episode One Hundred And Forty Eight – Space Hobboes

Once access to the Earth was taken out of the picture by orbital debris, the travelling workers known as Space Hobos became a vital part of the community, who help to solve problems & keep things running out there.

Space transport is cheap enough, and space survival technology ubiquitous enough, that hitching a ride on a string of cargo containers going somewhere useful is a viable, if unauthorised & illegal, way to get around if you don’t have the money.
It also means that you’re in a place that nobody expects someone to be, and that can cause problems if folks are up to things they don’t want people to see.

Once you’ve shifted some asteroids into regular orbits, moving around the system becomes a whole lot easier; Assuming you can match vector, or course.

A fantasy setting of little worldlets, each just big enough for a single field or Hobbit burrow, floating serenely in an endless sky.

Vast cargo ships ply the spaceways. Too big for anything other than full automation, they don’t seem to react when people climb aboard for free transport, or even make their homes there. It’s not clear whether they don’t notice, or they just don’t care.


Coal Trimmer

Herbert Hoover

The Expanse (novels)
The Expanse (tv)

Game of Thrones (tv)

Raised By Wolves (tv)
Ridley Scott

Dark Souls

International Brotherhood Welfare Association
The Hobo Code
The Littlest Hobo
The Incredible Hulk

Dogs In The Vinyard
Flatpack: Fix the Future

Alias Smith & Jones
Pale Rider

Flash Gordon


The Love Boat

Among Us

Traveller 2300

Space Opera
Science Fantasy



Isaac Asimov

Kessler Syndrome

Railroad Bull
( covered as part of a longer article on Railroad police ~ T. Jones )

Aldrin Cycler

Lensman Series, by E.E. ‘Doc’ Smith

Project Pluto


Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple
The Little Prince

Yes (band)

The Integral Trees, by Larry Niven


Starship Titanic

Goldenwing Cycle, by Alfred Coppel
Moonheart & Spiritwalk, by Charles de Lint

Counting to Infinity ( rpg.net thread from 2006 )

Girls Last Tour
Kids Last Tour

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

West End Games

Episode One Hundred And Forty Seven – From Me To You; A Free Gift Of Soul Dust

Episode One Hundred And Forty Seven – From Me To You; A Free Gift Of Soul Dust

On stage at a club, interrupted by the occasional solo, the band recount the tale of their experience with the supernatural.

For safety’s sake, nanotech is very tightly limited in scope, and will shut down if it goes out of bounds; So the container of unconstrained nanobots you’re holding is something that everyone wants, and that could be a problem.

An insidious Alien conspiracy plots to blow up the Sun, because it’s the only way to make our TV transmissions stop.

Sentient food items mount a daring rescue mission for a comrade who’s due to be cooked before their time.

The Queen is easily enough of a bad-ass to defeat intruders & rescue the court all by herself. The tricky part is getting enough of her adventuring gear together quickly enough that she can do it with style, instead of losing her temper and tearing the attackers apart with hands and teeth.

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Episode One Hundred And Forty Six – T’is A Pity She’s The Queen

A member of a high-level adventuring party becomes Royalty, and discovers that it’s made their life terrible.

The Kingdom is in deep trouble, the newly-crowned King & Queen are still teenagers, and the King is, at best, totally useless.
In the early hours after a long drinking session, a member of the Guard remarks that Queen would be a much better ruler, and a terrible plan forms.

When there’s a conspiracy against the King, but the King simply won’t believe it, it’s up to the Queen & her Guard to counter the threat to the Realm.

When the Queen takes an interest in the entirely fake Pagent of the Dead, and commissions a Command Performace to contact her beloved late husband, the very real supernatural entities running the show have a fine line to walk between exposure as frauds, and exposure as undead.

Mac has an awesome idea for how to do the ‘multiple iterations of the same team in the same time period’ time-travel game.

Episode One Hundred And Thirteen – Never Go Full-Force On An Éclair, Son
Episode One Hundred And Twelve – Volcano Day

The A Team
Hogan’s Heroes

Die Hard

Teenagers From Outer Space

The Three Musketeers

Castle Falkenstein
The Sword, the Crown, and the Unspeakable Power

The Cincinnati Privy Disaster of 1904
The Great Molasses Flood

For The Queen

Blades In The Dark

Anglican Church

Queen Victoria
Prince Albert

House of Hanover
House of Tudor



The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists! / The Pirates! Band of Misfits

Shaun The Sheep


Warhammer 40k

Episode One Hundred And Forty Five – The Case Of The Accidental Battered Sausage

Best Served Cold / A Sweary Murder She Wrote – A Celebrity Chef solves murders while attempting to drag failing restaurants back from the brink.

The indentured staff of a Dark Kitchen try to call for help via the only means available; Inexplicable items in the orders they send out.

Technicians trying to fix a fully-automated Fish & Chip shop find themselves in the middle of a drug distribution operation.

By pure fluke, your massive order from the auto-takeout perfectly matched a shipment of contraband. Now you’ve got an enormous bag of something illegal, the bad guys have a catering-size order of deep-fried food, and things are about to get very exciting.

Produce Noir – In the grimy spray-misted aisles of The Big Shopping Cart, lit by flickering flourescents, sentient food items investigate a murder.

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Episode One Hundred And Forty Four – Your Vile Human Secretions

“But Secreted By What?” – How do you make Humans the terrifying monsters, make the game human-playable, and have there be any point in doing so?

Refined and elegant alien races aren’t actually interested in our culture; They’re just getting unimaginable highs off of our sweat.

Superheroes based on the ancient Hippocratic(?) humours battle to protect the Earth.

Humanity has been locked away at their own behest, and for their own protection. Everyone knows that.
Nobody, including the robotic systems keeping yo in, can remember why.

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Episode One Hundred And Forty Three – Malevolent Immediacy

The so-called Department of Malevolent Immediacy are those people who turn up right when you’re about to make a life-changing mistake, asking whether, maybe, they can help you to choose a different path.
They’re here to help you to be a better person.
Question is; Are they right, and are they lying?

A game system where the big important things you do refine the character down to who they really are, at the expense of who they could have been.

The adventures of a racing crew keeping their team in the championship with increasing ill-will towards the driver, who’s … kind of a jackass.

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Episode One Hundred And Forty Two – Power Drift

Giant autonomous trucks make their way through the increasingly-abandoned areas outside of the cities.
There’s some fantastic cargo onboard if you’re good enough to take it. Of course, there may also be security onboard.

The Cities are wonderful, the Countryside is a hard desperate struggle, but if you can gain enough favour you can make the jump from Country to City.
Except that’s a lie, and folks are starting to figure that out.
The problem with having a downtrodden underclass is convincing them to stay that way.

Iceberg racing down the slopes of an enormous volcano on a low-gravity world, modifying your berg as the race progresses.
Getting to the bottom first gets you the win, but the other teams will have a few tricks to pull, and there’s also the issue of stopping

Life behind the scenes in a high-tech racing crew.

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Episode One Hundred And Forty One – “Here, have a protein squirrel”

Genetically Modified Adorable Food Mascots Trow Off The Shackles Of Their Behaviour Chips And Plot A Bid For Freedom!

Ben tries to make Hiking interesting with the Power of Gaming!

People try to understand, and ideally survive, in utterly unfamiliar environments


Episode One Hundred And Forty – Super Powers or your money back! 100% Guaranteed!

Investigators look into ‘We Can Give You Superpowers’ claims, trying to protect people from the scams, the dangerous scams, the snake-oil salesmen, and the 100% lethal scams.
And the occasional ones which are so much worse than just being fatal.

Having super-powered employees is a status symbol, and having super powers, even if they’re not very useful, is fast becoming a necessity if you want a job.

Metahumans Anonymous: Reluctant Superheroes trying to deal with being expected to use their unwanted superpowers.

Congratulations; You have a totally random superpower!
Now go out there and Make A Difference!!

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Episode One Hundred And Thirty Nine – “The Maltese Falcon gun, a famous weapon once owned by the King of the Popes”

Q: What does this obscure clue mean? What can it possibly be pointing to?
A: Whatever the PCs decide, because they’re the experts.

Society has fallen apart, and the world has changed.
Or Has It?
What if the world is fine, but your perception of it is wrong?

Wildly Anachronistic High-Action AlchemyPunk in the Holy Land!
Adventures in the Misunderstood Present!