Episode Thirty Five – Of Course, The Videostore Was The Headquarters Of The Wyld Hunt

There are some audio problems with this episode, which I suspect are the result of noise removal getting carried away & clipping the quieter end portions of words. Unfortunately, it’s not something I can fix.
T. Jones

Of Course, The Videostore Was The Headquarters Of The Wyld Hunt

The Fairy Folk use a videostore to launder money

Creature of Legend attempt to modernise, hampered by not understanding just how quickly the modern world changes

A videostore is a collection of gateways to other worlds, all shelved in convenient sections, with enticing covers

Retail Bullshit The RPG: Mythical Shenanigans Edition

A powerful Faery inherits a video store, along with an obligation to keep it running

What’s it like to run an entirely ordinary business while sharing a building with something really weird?

People mistakenly returning videos to the wrong store is a common problem, but what happens when the video is from a store in an entirely different world?

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