Episode Fifty One – Overdrive Factor

Overdrive Factor, from JystDave and the Thursdaygamers of Montreal

This week we are joined by our northern-most foreign correspondent, John, all the way from Canada!

Thrill as John mocks our puny antipodean “science” from his secret underground laboratory!


  • The tale of  struggling manufacturer goes to desperate and alarming lengths to wind back the technological clock.
  • A secret organisation battling in the shadow of the Canadian music industry to stave off the unthinkable.
  • Racing machines tearing across the wastes of an alien planet, propelled interdependent teams of artificial intelligence and human nerve.
  • An orbiting world where cultures from massively different home-worlds live cheek-by-jowl.
  • …and the Big Red Couch’s MOST CANADIAN EPISODE EVER! So far, anyway!

John also gives a shout-out to “How We Play”, a podcast which considers the social aspects of our pastime.  Warning: It does not contain the level of scattershot balderdash present in the Big Red Couch.  Consult your physician if comprehension persists.


Ontario,  the far-off mystic land that John hails from.

Larval and Zygotic

Overdrive Transmission

“Spotswood” with Anthony Hopkins

SG1’s Aschen AKA “The Space Canadians”

Kirbal Space Program – a video game where you “do science” to advance the space program of some terrified bobble-heads.

Shadowrun – an RPG you’ve probably heard of.

Call of Cthulhu – another RPG you’ve probably heard of.

“Batman” (1966) –  here’s an example of it’s particular zaniness.

“Batman ’66” – a recent comic in the style of the old TV show.

Cesar Romero as The Joker

GothamFish Moony, and that “mug shot”.

Battlestar Galactica



The other, other definition of Factor

The Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings

Wolf Parade and Metric

That photo.

The Red Ensign

The War of 1812 – and Education Song about it by “Three Dead Trolls in A Baggie”

The NZ Flag Debate in a Nutshell and the “terrible confusion”.

The opening to “Get Smart”


Speed Racer – 1960’s Cartoon Opening and Wachowski 2008 Film Trailer

PS1 Racing Games – Wipeout and Rollcage

Lady Blackbird – Another RPG.  Lightweight, free, and zeppelin compliant!


Urban Shadows – An RPG that you conceivably may not have heard about, since it’s currently in open playtest.

Tiny Tina from Borderlands 2

Starcraft 2 – That line.







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