Episode Fifty Two – BWAHAHAHA, It Only Hurts When I Laugh

Bwahahaha, It only hurts when I laugh

A Supervillan Retirement Home where the super-villany attempted by the residents may not be age-appropriate.
Or approved by their physician.
Or by the residents of the Superhero Retirement Home across the road.

A creature which feeds (fatally) upon joy escapes from it’s prison and seeks a steady source of nourishment by moving into politics.

Our game opens upon a Clown, bleeding into the sawdust under the Big Top, …

A therapeutic hospital for Mad Scientists & Deranged Engineers has it’s work complicated by the desire of the patients to ‘improve’ their environment, and by the people trying to ‘borrow’ the inmates.

Fantastic Voyage: The RPG – A surgeon and their support team journey inside their patient for some micro-scale medicine.

The only way to defend against a laughter-consuming monster is to promote mirthlessness, and to assemble a team to combat humour wherever it lurks.

Howler Monkey



The Mod Squad

Steven Moffat

Campeche I was wrong, Campeche does still exist, and is a state of Mexico. My apologies. ~ Craig

Arkham Asylum

Cyclops (Marvel)

Bubba Ho-Tep
The Expendables

Bering Strait Bridge


Elderhearts – Sorry, I can’t find a link for this. Near as I can tell, it’s an on-the-fly hack of Monsterhearts and does not exist in a printed form.
I’m not comfortable linking to someone’s personal G+ page, and Craig didn’t finish the episode edit in enough time to get permission, but a search for “Monsterhearts Elderhearts”, or “#Elderhearts” should get you started ~ T. Jones

Apocalypse World
Urban Shadows
Night Witches


de Havilland DH.98 Mosquito

Anti-Tank Dog
Bat Bomb

The Day Of The Dove (ST:TOS)

Doctor Who
Logan’s Run


House of Cards (US Version)
House of Cards (1990 UK Version)

In The Loop (Movie spun off from The Thick of It)

Peter Capaldi

Dante’s Inferno



The Cohen Brothers

Carlito’s Way
Double Indemnity

Girl Genius

Only When I Laugh (TV)

52 (Comic)


A Miracle Of Science

Fantastic Voyage
Osmosis Jones

“Adam West” Batman TV Series
Justice League

Teenagers From Outer Space RPG

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