Episode Fifty Three – Snake Style vs. Monkey Style

Snake Style vs. Monkey Style

High-Stakes Fashion!
Shipwrecked Siblings Spar On Island Stronghold Of Sinister Scientist!
What Does Your Chinese Zodiacal Sign Say About You?
Manipulating History Through The Medium Of Inconvenient Ancestors!


We are joined by the energetic serial contributor, Taz!  Reel as he challenges our feckless lack of authenticity (in the nicest way possible.)

Snake Style vs Monkey Style – suggested by Will Myers

John SaxonEnter the Dragon

Incredibly Strange Film Festival in New Zealand

That “Bruce Lee” Movie

Street Wars

Taz’s Internet Hideout – www.tangent-zero.com

Fear the Boot – Forum and Fear the Con Kickstarter

Karate KidTim Gunn from Project Runway


RuPaul’s Drag Race

RPGs:  Leverage or Fiasco?

The Venture Bros.

RPG: Lady BlackbirdMagister Lor by John Harper

An RPG Design Competition: Game Chef

RPG: The Trouble with Rose  A game by Taz!

RPGs: Atomic Robo RPG and FAE from Evil Hat


Podcasts: The Gutterskypes, Monkeys Took My Jetpack, and Sunday-Skypers

Craig’s Gutterskype’s Episode is number 132 “The Terror of Funky Island”

RPG: MLP: RolePlaying is Magic   – We tried “Season” Two, so there’s every chance was tidied up further in third or fourth edition.

Podcast: Porcelain Llama Theater – And their MLP playset for Fiasco

Kev’s FAE Characters for MLP and other media.

More John Harper RPGs: Lasers and Feelings and Ghost Echo

PsiRun – Night Sky Games

David Icke – Reptillian Overlords

The Chinese Zodiac

Office Space

The Forever WarJoe Haldeman

RPG: Microscope

RPG: Feng Shui 2

Podcast: Behind the Claw – Classic Traveller Podcast

RPG: RIFTS Savage Worlds

RPGs: TMNT and Robotech

RPG: Deadlands

RPG: Fringeworthy and it’s Savaging updates on Facebook

RPG: Torg

Big Polyhedral – Apparently Not a Thing Yet….



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2 thoughts on “Episode Fifty Three – Snake Style vs. Monkey Style

  1. John Reiher says:

    Great episode folks. And thank you Taz for plugging Fringeworthy!

    And for a game idea:

    Space Nuns from Outer Space!

    • Craig says:

      Glad you liked it!

      As you could probably tell, I’m very interested in Fringeworthy (It seems like such a neat setting), so I’ll be paying attention to _that_.
      And adding “Space Nuns From Outer Space” to the Mystery Box.

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