Episode Fifty Nine – Supermax Kindergarten, For All The Master Criminal Children

Supermax Kindergarten, For All The Master Criminal Children

The only way that Superheroes & Supervillans can keep their children from becoming the pawns in other people’s schemes is by putting them all in the one place, so that everyone, regardless of outlook, has a reason to protect them all.
Baby Steps; Trying to rehabilitate, or more accurately habilitate, very young metahumans.
Kindergarteners attempt a breakout from the high-security supermax environment they imagine themselves to be incarcerated within.

Hi, Ben here. During the editing, I needed to cut the original two and half hours we recorded down to something close to our usual length. Craig pulled the show notes from the raw audio, and some of the topics below were dropped so I apologise for any non sequitur links.  If popular acclaim warrants it, we may have to publish the discussion on Mormon homebrewing as a special episode.


The Ages of Elvis

Sunday Skypers
Tri Tac Games Podcast

Tri Tac Games

The Gutter Skypes
Monkeys Took My Jetpack
All Games Considered

The Official Site of Sweden

Map of US Time Zones

White Dwarf (magazine)
Games Workshop

Fred Hicks
Jason Morningstar
Steve Jackson (US)
Steve Jackson (UK)

Evil Hat/Fate Patreon

Josh Roby’s Ports of Call patreon

Chichen Itza

Dresden Codak

Atomic Rockets (website)
Winchell Chung

Ogre (game)

Fate Codex Patreon

Savage Worlds
Hardwired Hinterland
Bureau 13: Stalking the Night Fantastic


Fate Accelerated Edition

Mystery Men (movie)


Champions (Hero Games)
Champions (wikipedia)
Marvel Super Heroes
Super Squadron
Superhero: 2044

Gamescience Dice
Lou Zocchi

Runaways (comic)
Sky High (movie)

After The Golden Age, by Carrie Vaughn
Dreams of the Golden Age, by Carrie Vaughn
Soon I Will Be Invincible, by Austin Grossman

The Young Protectors (webcomic)
PS238 (webcomic)

Franklin Richards (character)

Venture Brothers
The Little Rascals

Spirit of the Century

Star Trek: TNG “Rascals” episode

The Adventures of Barry Ween, Boy Genius, by Judd Winick

Squirrel Girl

Muppet Babies

3:16 – Carnage Among The Stars

Red Dwarf

Psychosis: Ship of Fools (looks like there was only one book)
Charles Ryan’s website (writer of Psychosis: Ship of Fools)
Don’t Rest Your Head

Johnny The Homicidal Maniac (comic)

Urchin RPG
Risus: The Anything RPG

Diana: Warrior Princess
Twilight Zone – “Once And Future King”

Big Red Couch thread on the Fear The Boot forums

War of Ashes RPG

Sir Michael Caine
Sir Mick Jagger
Dame Judy Dench

Time Team
Sir Tony Robinson

PDQ (Atomic Sock Monkey)

Dresden Files RPG
Fate Core

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
Kev’s MLP:FIM Character Sheets

Porcelain Llama Theatre
Machines of Loving Grace, episode 1

Hal Clement
Mission Of Gravity, by Hal Clement

Diaspora (RPG)

Alice Springs, Australia
White Island, Antarctica
McMurdo Sound, Antarctica

Mormon Missionary

British Commonwealth

Rotten Borough
Benjamin Franklin

The Two Georges, by Harry Turtledove and Richard Dreyfuss
A World of Difference, by Harry Turtledove

Austin FG K100
Land Rover


Flight of the Phoenix (2004 remake)

London Double-Decker Bus


Three Amigos (movie)

H. Beam Piper

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2 thoughts on “Episode Fifty Nine – Supermax Kindergarten, For All The Master Criminal Children

  1. John Reiher says:

    Another great episode folks! Wait… I’m one of those folks! 🙂

    And I have no problem sharing links to my projects:

    Savage Worlds Fringeworthy:

    Harbor City Accelerated:

    Somewhat serious: Survivors of WWIII living on an abandoned O’Neil Colony. How do you survive in an artificial environment that’s slowly breaking down?

  2. Ben says:

    Thanks, John

    I think that I’ve got those links buried in many, many tabs but still haven’t got a chance to give them proper look yet.

    Disintegrating space habitats and the societies they hold is definitely in the BRC wheelhouse. I’m particularly up for hard sci-fi blended with the high-stakes but day-to-day struggle to survive.

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