Gen Con 2015 Retrospective

Gen Con 2015

Craig travelled to Gen Con, and on the Monday evening, after the madness was over, he & Ben had a chat about what it was like.

Gen Con

Post-Show Press Release for Gen Con 2015

Atomic Robo RPG
Atomic Robo comic
Doctor Dinosaur’s True Science Facts


Savage Worlds
Pinnacle Entertainment
Low Life (Mutha Oith Creations site)

Trail of Cthulhu


It Came From The Late Late Late Show (RPGnet review)


Portal – the uncooperative cake acquisition game

Deck Building: The Deck Building Game

Pics & Circumstance
Cards Against Humanity

Games & Gears

UnderDiscussion Podcast

The Nerd’s Domain


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2 thoughts on “Gen Con 2015 Retrospective

  1. John Reiher says:

    Glad you had a great time at GenCon. It’s too bad I couldn’t have made it this year, we could have done a game together or two.

    I have Atomic Robo RPG as well, and it’s a bit intimidating in what it sets out to do. I need to do more reading up on it to make sure I have it down before trying to run it.

    Inspetcres is a great system. We ran a GMless version where we played James Bond. Bond was a NPC and one side played MI6 and the other played Spectre. We manipulated Bond across multiple scenes and had a great time!

    Obligatory Game Pitch:

    Aliens have landed at GenCon and only the stalwart gamers can defeat them!

  2. Craig Craig says:

    I’m planning to be at Gen Con 2016, and to keep going as long as I’m able, so the next time we’re both there, full steam ahead for gaming!
    (Possibly even something by Tri Tac?)

    And as for the game pitch, I _did_ play a game of Zombie Cinema back in 2013, set at Gen Con, where zombies attacked, so there’s not much of a stretch needed to make that an Alien Attack scenario.

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