Episode Sixty Seven – Once There Was A Story About Perversion, Wanderlust, And A Linguistics Expert; A Story No One Knows

Episode Sixty Seven - Once There Was A Story About Perversion, Wanderlust, And A Linguistics Expert; A Story No One Knows

The future lingua franca of humanity has been lost to the mists of time and the march of entropy.  Can you find the fragments of the last touchstone before it is gone forever?

Travelers exchange stories of adventure and serendipity, each one merging into the other.

And with thanks to our Audient for their contributions;

Kedamono weaves a story of a mysterious oasis and the stiff upper lips of the daring explorers who seek its elusive secrets!

Burning pitches a tale of a plucky band of assistants to a two-fisted, square-jawed hero who have to retrieve their mentor from the clutches of the Devil Himself!




The Commonwealth

New Zealand Summer – According to google images.

Lingua franca

Author –  Greg Egan – His book Diaspora depicts a humanity fractionating into a variety of forms.

Author – Michael Moorcock

Film – Star Wars VII – The Force Awakens – “One Star Wars, please.  Hold the Gungans.”

Term – Affordance – A new term Ben is probably misusing.

Culture – The Tower of Babel

Term – Technological Singularity

Term – An Outline Of Transhumanism

RPG – Numenera

“Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra”

Current Human Lexicon –  knowyourmeme.com

Culture – Journey to the West

TV – The Nature of Monkey was Irrepressible!

Books – Psychohistory from Isaac Asimov’s  Foundation series

Culture – Parlour Games

TV – Rick and Morty

Culture – The Rosetta Stone

Website – http://lightyear.fm/  – a very cute imagining of propagation of radio waves using the charting songs of each year.

TV – Stargate Universe

Books – Neal Stephenson wrote Snow Crash and Seveneves

Books – The Wrong Way Home by Peter Moore

Books – This Is Not A Drill by Paul Carter

Culture – One Thousand and One Nights

Books – The Cantabury Tales – Geoffrey Chaucer

RPG – Zombie Cinema

Term – Rashomon effect – Misused here.  This refers to the representation of a sequence of events from different perspectives, while Ben was trying to get at something like Nested Story but specifically characters from the outer story “playing” different roles in the inner one.  TV Tropes doesn’t appear to have a name for this, oddly.

RPG – The Adventures of Baron Munchausen – RPG.Net review

TV – Stargate SG1 Episode 200

Movie – Quint’s Indianapolis Speech –  “Y’know the thing about a shark, he’s got…   …lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a dolls eyes.”

Card Game – Once Upon a Time

RPG – Cogs, Cake, and Swordsticks

Movie – It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

Books – Doc Savage, a hyper-competent chisel-jawed paragon created in the 1930’s.

Culture – Orpheus

Culture? – The “Jarjar is a Sith Lord?” Theory

Christopher Lee is basically awesome.


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