Episode Sixty Nine – The Canadians On Their War Mosquitos

The Canadians On Their War Mosquitos

The Canadians are coming!  Wait, they were here, politely waiting, the whole time!  The maple syrup is coming from inside the house!

Can the “poor cousin” Summer Fae Court of Prince Edward Island hold off the might of an Atlantean invasion? Indeed, why are they trying to do it alone?

Thrill to the plucky miniaturised adventures of Canadian Super-science soldiers working to defeating the Axis threat!

“BarFly: The Drinkening” – Evade belligerent  geography quizzes and inebriated hangers-on in this fun-for-all-ages experience*.  (*Not for all ages.)

Earth is invaded by gigantic, oblivious aliens, against whom conventional warfare is useless.  Can humanity turn their own parasites against them?

The Secret History of the War of 1812: Hidden masters wield insect swarms and martial arts in the conflict between formative nations.

In a weird World War One, a squadron of Canadian flyers take to the air on fantastic mechanical insects.









Passport Power

The very versatile and wooden De Havilland Mosquito


Prince Edward IslandMap

Fiction – Dresden Files and the the Dresden Files RPG

Alleged Potato  Museum

Video Games – Unturned – Game Map

Film – Ant Man (2015)

Film – Sin City (2005)“I love hitmen.  No matter what you do to them, you don’t feel bad.” Caution: Marv.


Crush, TX –  William George Crush established a temporary town to hold the spectated deliberate collision between two trains in 1869.  An exploding boiler caused several fatalities and numerous injuries.

“Romanticised” Non-fiction – Ken Alibek – Biohazard

Film – The World’s End – The third in the “Cornetto Trilogy” by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

Manga – Attack on Titan

Novel – Footfall (1985) by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle.

The family Brontotheriidae –  a family of extinct mammals belonging to the order Perissodactyla, the order that includes horses, rhinoceroses, and tapirs.

Video Game – Shadow of the Colossus

Novel – Childhood’s End – by Arthur C. Clarke – 2015 Miniseries 

Novel – Ian M Banks – Consider Phlebas

The War of 1812

Baritsu and Savate

The Beautiful Biting Insects of New Zealand


Moa and Haast Eagle – New Zealand’s Extinct Monster Birds

RPG – Night Witches

The Great Martian War

The Old Negro Space Program – YouTube


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