Episode Eighty Five – Captain Plantagenet and the Plantageneteers

Episode Eighty Five - Captain Plantagenet and the Plantageneteers


A crumbling gentleman’s club and it’s equally crumbling members are called upon to defend the realm.

The disinherited sons and daughters of a fallen dynasty join forces to reclaim their birthright.

In a binary star system, the ancient machines holding the two stars apart are being tampered with, threatening (very literal) disaster.


TV – Game of Thrones

The House of Plantagenet

The Barmy Badger

RPG – Kerberos Club  – Kev’s Review and Links

TV – Dad’s Army

Film – Mystery Men

TV – The Sarah Jane Adventures

TV – Doctor Who

TV – Misfits

TV – Hancock’s Half Hour – A random episode.

Comics – The Boys

The HMS Plantagenet

(T. Jones – Ben was confusing the Queen Mary (of which there are several) the for the Mary Rose which had an illustrious career as a warship, sank somewhat mysteriously, was subsequently raised, and currently has a steady job as a museum exhibit.)

kedamono and zircher banter in the Fear The Boot Thread

Richard the Third

Film – The Tall Man Guy (1989)   (Not *that* memorable it seems.)

Anime – Hellsing

TV – Black-Adder II

RPG – Numenera

The FBI’s Wonderful? Snow Agent


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