Episode One Hundred And Eleven – “We’re wearing fezzes, sunglasses, and it’s dark out. Hit it!”

We're wearing fezzes, sunglasses, and it's dark out. Hit it!


A quirky fraternal order is stranded far from home and their charitable objective.  Can trans-dimensional bar-flies help them fulfill their task?

The lodges of the Shriners protect arcane secrets as it’s members protect our sleeping world from nameless horrors.

The drifts of nigh-invisible infra-red laser lensing  creatures lie between you and your objective.  But as you forge ahead, they start changing their behaviour in unsettling ways.

Your parent’s fantasy gaming junk is weirdly authentic and the journal of their “games” entirely too detailed.  Did they actually save a world long ago?


Craig’s GenCon 2018 Ramblings!

Gencon 2018

Fez (Head Gear)


Tommy Cooper

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk – 1st President of Turkey and proponent of the Hat Law of 1925.

Film – The Blues Brothers (1980)

The Magic Circle

RPG – Tales from the Floating Vagabond

Film – It’s a Mad (x4) World (1963)

Previous Episodes – Space Kansas?  Space Canada?

TV – Father Murphy

TV – Luna – Here’s a fansite and sample of the show’s argot.

Diminibeing (n)  – A child. Sometimes shortened to just “dimini”.

Egothenticity Card (n)  – The universal identity card which must be kept at all times by citizens of the Efficiecity.

Habiviron (n)  – An apartment for a unit group.

Sunstart (n) – Morning. Often used as a shortened form of the standard morning greeting “efficient sunstart”.

TV – Max Headroom

RPG – Unknown Armies

Film – Daywatch aka Dnevnoy dozor (2006)

RPG – Leverage

TV – Gravity Falls

RPG – Mage the grumblemumble

Film – The Island of Dr Moreau (1996)

Film – A Quiet Place (2018)

Green laser pointer safety – Channel Brainiac75




Anime – Read or Die

The Gold Leaf Electroscope (radiation detector)

RPG – Kids on Bikes

RPG – Masks

RPG – Zombie World kickstart

RPG – Torg Eternity

RPG – Heavy Metal Thunder Mice

RPG – Our Last Best Hope

Angler Fish



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