Coming Up On The Big Red Couch

If you send in an idea for a show we’ve not yet recorded, there’s a pretty good chance it’ll be discussed as part of the episode. If we’ve already recorded it, your idea will probably become part of an Audient Ideas Bonus Episode.


10 thoughts on “Coming Up On The Big Red Couch

  1. Bob Hanks says:

    Hello Couchers I mentioned your podcast to the Podcasters known as The Guterskypes and a link was posted to your podcast .
    Thanks for the hard work put into producing your show .
    I heartily recommend listening to them they are really great too.
    Thank you .

    • Kev Kev says:

      Hi Bob! Thanks for mentioning us to the Gutterskypes; we saw the link when it went up and mentioned you in a podcast at the time!

      On a related note, you are the first person to talk to us about the podcast who we didn’t already know beforehand.


      – Kev

    • Tonya Tonya says:

      What Kev said.
      Also, if you think of anything you’d like to add to the Mystery Box, we’d love to hear from you.


    • Craig Craig says:

      Yay! Bob H. !!

      Thank you for mentioning us to/on The Gutterskypes.
      I’ve started listening to them at work, though it’s slow going so far; Long Podcasts & frequent interruptions make for a lot of back-tracking.

  2. ray ban wayfarer sale says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for all the tips this was great help for my art project at school and i think i would of been evn more useless without it.

  3. Reecle says:

    ‘Operation Chocolate Teapot’ sounds like a Brit rom-com about the most unlucky yet persevering person to ever hit OKCupid, presumably played by Martin Freeman or Simon Pegg. I don’t think you could make a game out of it but I’d definitely watch it.

    • Tonya Tonya says:

      This feels like one of those board/video cassette games to me. Your players might be in the roles of Shoulder Angel, Shoulder Demon, Murphy or the Foot-in-mouth fairy. The target (messieurs Pegg or Freeman) has a scene where they are setting up their account and the scene pauses at a critical moment. The players play a round of the board game that will determine which one of them manages to screw up the guy’s plans worst, and which button to press on your remote to view the result. I figure you could get it to run through the whole story the players have created at the end of the game so you can really get a feel for what you’ve done to the guy. It also means you get several slightly different outcomes should you choose to re-play.


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