Episode One Hundred And Ten – Good news; I have solved the Fermi Paradox. Bad news…

Good News; I Have Solved The Fermi Paradox - Bad News: I Have Solved The Fermi Paradox

We are living in a detailed and exacting simulation of the most boring possible universe.
Once you know that, can you reach outside the simulated environment to other environments? Or maybe to the people who are doing the simulations?
Alternatively, can you hack your own simulation?

The reason that our part of the universe looks like it does is that we live in a heritage cluster with a strong & boring Galactic Home Owners Association, who really aren’t prepared for what Humanity is going to be like as a neighbor.

Dinosaurs, as a species, guarantee their own discontinuous existence by being constantly recreated by races who come along after they die out.

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Episode One Hundred And Nine – The survey team’s last contact filled me with elation… and dread.

The survey team's last contact filled me with elation ... and dread


The Temporal Survey team SHOULD have reported back by now. They SHOULD have been back a moment after they left. But they’re not, and while the standard dead-drop messages they left prove that they made it, they also give no sign that they ran into trouble.
Which means you need to send ANOTHER team back to see what happened to them, haul them out of trouble, and not screw up the timeline.

Xenoarchaeologists digging through alien trash find a still-working device from an ancient culture. It wants to serve its new masters, but there’s the little question of what that might mean in practice.

Ben rants about how difficult it is to build a trap that’ll last long enough to endanger someone exploring the ruins of your civilization, to the extent that it’s almost like everyone is working towards the same goal.

Humanity goes out there, finds horrifying stuff, and makes use of it; It’s just what they do.
The dread that comes along with it is really just a by-product.

When your best option is to miniaturise the rest of your team and inject them into your own body to keep them safe, you’ve got problems.
When you’re trying not to dies from your injuries, while your miniature team-mates battle the equally miniature causes of those injuries, you’ve all got problems.

The Antarctic survey team are on their way back, working along the chain of supply drops.
They’re making suspiciously good time for people on foot in a blizzard, and their reports are … kind of creepy.

Mapping out ruins is very much a part of archaeology, but according to the survey, those two rooms overlap, …

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Episode One Hundred And Eight – The Boy was the spouse of Justice and a slave to Science

The Boy was the spouse of Justice and a slave to Science

Quarreling Gods look for arbitrators among the very mortals they are supposed to guide.

In a society that worships rational concepts as if they were competing supernatural powers, a disruptive and mercenary acolyte is tampering with a delicate balance.

Justice can be automated.  And now he’s got the tools to do it, that’s just what the Son of Justice plans to do.

Between the machinery that keeps him alive and mentor that is erring on the side of vengeance, this side-kick has a lot to deal with.

The latest celebrity super-power-couple are from across the divide between hero and villain.  City-wide peace requires that they get along, but their friends are left to mange the fallout.


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Episode One Hundred And Seven – “Accessing the Memory Bank”

Accessing The Memory Bank

In a transhumanist post-mortality world, it makes sense to store memories and knowledge in a secure cloud, bringing them into local storage only when needed.
And that works fine until something goes wrong, the cloud is rendered inaccessible, and neither you nor the vaguely-familiar folks you’re stuck with remember how to get your memories back.

Post-Mortality doesn’t mean post-scarcity, so not everyone is alive at one time. Which becomes a problem when the information you need is locked up in the memories of one person who’s currently dead, and isn’t due for instantiation for another 50 years.

Every time you ‘access’ your memory, you change it, so to preserve those precious moments, you need to remove them & put them somewhere safe.
Which leaves the question of what fills the hole left behind.

A group of people wake up in a beautifully appointed memory treatment spa, feeling refreshed, and with absolutely no idea why they’re there. Or where the staff are.
And then they find the bloody handprint.

It was only by pure fluke that the storm disrupted the Signal enough for you to realise that your memories were false, being beamed out to overwrite the whole history of the world.
Now, with the Storm of the Century bearing down, you’re planning to find out what’s being kept from you. And why.

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Episode One Hundred And Six – Survivors of WW III living on an Abandoned Colony

106 - Survivors of WW3 living on an Abandoned Colony


A handful of children explore the crumbling, deserted ruins of a world torn asunder by conflict.

Returning to an evacuated orbiting O’Neill colony after the “hot” war finally cools, it’s original inhabitants find it overgrown…     …and overrun?

Would-be diplomats from space recount their escape from the doomed planet below, and the sacrifices of the people that helped them return home.

In an ash-smothered nightmare world, those preparing to survive on other planets have the best chance of saving this one.


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Episode One Hundred And Five – Fantasy + Post Apocalypse = ?

Episode One Hundred And Five - Fantasy Plus Post-Apocalypse Equals ?

When someone on the ‘mad’ side of the Alchemist spectrum releases a self-replicating magic-consuming substance across the land, the high-magic realm swiftly grinds to a halt as Dragons stop flying & floating cloud cities crash into the ground.
On the plus side, the undead menace is gone.
On the minus, those beautiful crystal bridges probably can’t support their own weight.

The utterly generic Kingdom of Niceness has been at war with the entirely derivative Lands of the Dread Lord for centuries. It’s always been a low-key thing, with skirmishes and raids and very little change.
Until now.
Nobody backed down, nobody withdrew, they’ve used more & more powerful magics, it became increasingly difficult to tell the sides apart any more, and they’ve reduced themselves and everything in between to rubble.
As dawn breaks, the remnants of the garrisons on both sides of a minor mountain pass emerge from the cave they’ve been sheltering in, and wonder what to do next.

When a solar flare, or alien invasion, or assault be extraplanar entities makes the surface un-survivable, the denizens of a fantasy realm retreat to the only place left – The dungeons.

The world tore itself apart, and your small band of survivors from all sides of the conflict are trying to make their way in a world gone mad.
Or maybe you’re the ones who’ve gone mad.
Or maybe the world really has become this psychedelic fantasy-land?

A patch of primordial forest, with primordial creatures, is growing rapidly, shutting down any technology it encounters. Right now it’s in the middle of the desert, but if it keep growing it’s going to hit towns and cities.
Can it be stopped?
Can it be turned back?
And, without planes or jeeps, can you even reach the centre of the thing in time?

When a Fantasy Realm started to expand into the modern world, we turned to LARPers & the SCA to find a solution.

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Episode One Hundred And Four – The Beige Invasion

The Beige Invasion


Garbled prophesies of the modern social media world prompt a confused destructive intervention.

London is torn down the middle, with a modern city driven by electricity & electronics facing a parallel evolution, based on steam & clockwork, across the Thames.

A deep sea encounter with a sentient creature spurs a contest to contact the new life form, be they ally or enemy.

Infiltrators from the world beneath waves have perfectly been engineered to blend in…     …as conscientious and painfully polite youngsters with feelings completely at odds with their mission.


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Alleged Bonus Episode – In Which We Attempted To Make Characters For “My Little Pony: Roleplaying Is Magic”

Hello Long-Suffering Audient!

Ben & Craig had some real-world events rear up and bite them in their collective asses this month, but rather than taking the merciful option and just staying quiet, they’ve instead chosen to present an artifact from the distant past, when Ben & Tonya & Craig attempted to make characters for “My Little Pony: Roleplaying Is Magic”.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (TV)

Roleplaying Is Magic (Fanmade RPG)
The version they were using was probably the Season 2 Edition ~ T. Jones


Samples drawn from the following works:

“Night Break” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Audio from “my little aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” by Ashie

Episode One Hundred And Two – The Day The Squid Said Hello

The Day The Squid Said Hello

A message is passed up from the bottom of the ocean, species to species, until it reaches those weird creatures which live right on the edge of vacuum, above the point where liquid water can exist.

Explorers from the deep clumsily jet onto land to investigate this strange dry part of the world, and maybe don’t understand that the tiny bipeds have views on the matter.

Down in the inky depths, that Neutrino issue is perfectly obvious.
The critters out on the edge of vacuum don’t seem to be aware of it, so a mission sets off to deal with the problem. Once the vacuum’s-edge folk work out what’s going on, they’ll maybe want to help.

A well-trained human and their childhood friend battle the corruption of the city.
Oh, and the friend is an intelligent amphibious squid.
Don’t make this weird.

In the midst of a war between humanity and squidlike aliens, two groups of stranded enemies discover that they have far more in common than they’d thought possible.

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