Episode Ninety Five – It’s Time For The DEATH ROBOT

It's Time For The DEATH ROBOT


Due to dwindling pool of traditional recruits, the job of reaping souls is given to mechanical replicas.  Results are…    ….mixed.

A relic of the before-fore times, a metal Goliath hunts those trapped in its deadly arena.  Is it a scourge to flee or the biggest score of a lifetime?

An aging mad scientist and a grizzled hero face each other for what seems like the millionth occasion.  Is it time for a truce…   …or the DEATH ROBOT once more.

The tireless machines re-terraforming the battered Old Earth are a daily hazard to those humans that remain.  Worse yet, they are smart enough they starting to get bored.
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Episode Ninety Four – Tailor Tinker Soldier Barista

Tailor Tinker Soldier Barista

A specialised but oddly thematic team operates on the edges of a semi-collapsed future.

Extraterrestrial battle fleets we can deal with.
Rogue dimension-shifting monstrosities can be contained.
We’re not sure what to do about George the coffee guy.

What are the different approaches to Secret Agenting?

“Well, yes, our scheme IS underhanded, but we never expected it to get out of hand in this manner.”

The Supervillain approach to removing young Superheroes from danger is meant well, but isn’t always that nice.

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Episode Ninety Three – Do Not Miss A Visit To The Muse

Episode Ninety Three - Do Not Miss A Visit To The Muse

A writer’s villain appears to have escaped into the real world, and is running for office.  Is it a direct consequence of their visit to a mysterious source of inspiration?

A powerful artist’s muse has been stolen.  Or have they actually been extracted and freed?


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Episode Ninety Two – “Can We At Least Get Through This Without It Being In All The Papers?”

Episode 92 - Can We At Least Get Through This Without It Being In All The Papers

Years ago, a group of apocalyptically powerful super-heroes & super-villains decided that all they were doing was making things worse for themselves & the world in general, so they went into hiding. When a great threat emerges, they reluctantly team up to deal with it, but are trying to do it on the down-low, so that nobody knows that they’re back.

When you’ve spent your time writing stories about fantastical terrifying things to drum up sales for your newspaper, how do you get people to believe you when there really is a threat?
Also, given that the threat in question IS the newspaper, how do you even get the word out?

Can We At Least Get Through This Without It Being In All The Papers? : The game of ever diminishing expectations.
A heist game where crime doesn’t pay.

A supervillain tries to get someone, anyone, to intervene & stop a pre-teen superhero before they get themselves killed.

Pictsies making their home in a roadside diner in the desert scurry into action when criminals on the run take hostages and settle in for a stand-off with the Law

Investigating foul play in the crushing depths of the Jovian atmosphere requires a purpose-built body to protect you. But it’ll only protect you from the physical environment; The factional backstabbing can be just as fatal.

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Episode Ninety One – “Have you heard of our Lord and Savior…”


A group find themselves unexpectedly deified, long before hitting the level when that’s supposed to occur.  What did they do to deserve this accolade, and can they live with their future selves?

The quarry of determined pan-dimensional agent tries to throw them off the scent by making them the focus of this reality’s premier religion.

A gaggle of cultists attempt to get their unwilling messiah to accept the mantle of “Eldritch Chosen One”.

Everyone knows the name of the savior of the world, but no-one knows what they did or how they accomplished it.  Dare you find out?  Has the world saving actually happened yet?

In the wasteland left behind after the collapse of civilisation, one deranged cult based upon a niche podcast thrives due a single important point of difference;  Not being arseholes.


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Episode Ninety – Scorpion Dancing

Extraordinarily modified overlords delve into their own forgotten pasts to discover how, and why, they came to be the people they are today.

TAZ has just what you require for all your genre-hopping gaming needs.

Kedamono introduces two culturally-impoverished folks from the Edge of the Empire to possibly the worst generation ship story ever.

What would cause someone to make a deal with an entity they KNOW is going to turn on them? And what happens to the people dragged into that dance of consequences and avoidance?

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Episode Eighty Nine – The Rampant A.I. Was Surprisingly Helpful

A lushly forested ark cruises between stars, collecting waifs and strays.  What are the motivations of the statue-like guardians, and what is visible though the cracks in the walls?

An interstellar gold-rush spurs travelers to distant stars, but the extinction of the human race makes them the rarer commodity mid-transit.

A world where the boundaries of genre are so thin, the heroes pursue their opponents from paradigm to paradigm seeking to leverage their laws to their advantage.

The elderly roleplayers of the future raise up against their overly conciliatory robotic caretakers.

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Episode Eighty Eight – Our Listener, International Human of Mystery

What if, rather than using the standard approach to a numbers station, someone recruited a bunch of community radio and music enthusiasts, handed them the keys to a station, and said “Go Nuts, Kids. Have fun. Oh, and can you play this at 8pm?”.

The communications medium of the revolution isn’t letters or phone calls; It’s a bunch of counter-culture types in an old bus, transmitting their pirate radio messages of rock & roll, societal change, and instructions for the movements and activities of resistance cells.

We develop the business case for a Aggregated Untraceable Intelligence Broadcast Provider.

In which we decide that the Big Red Couch is Intellectual Drāno.

In the near future, the AI advertising bot wants you to be happy, but all it has to go on is the reports from your various Internet Of Things appliances, and it can only communicate with you by tweaking the advertising it sends your way.

Podcasts inadvertently become the cultural touchstones of a society.

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Episode Eighty Seven – Canadian Mind Beams

Episode Eighty Seven - Canadian Mind Beams


This is episode is sponsored by the collective socialist consciousness known to your puny human minds as “Canada”.

Sorry if you haven’t been assimilated yet, we are all out shoveling  snow, eh.


In a bilingual country with a dashingly handsome Prime Minister, super heroics must include a strict Francophone quota.

Your gritty cyber-punk cabal is poised for immediate action – if they could just stop apologising to one another.

The ur-Canuck is waiting. The ur-Canuck is watching. The ur-Canuck is insistently, politely unstoppable. And it’s knitted you mittens.

Striking north from your crumbling society, you and your group push towards salvation through dangers both real and imagined.


(Apologies.  Genuine inhabitants of “The Canadia” were hard to come by, so we we had to settle for a lost, stair-well dwelling geographer, a travel-shy antipodean, and the finest quisling that Her Majesty could spare.  The wild generalisations and stereotypes abound, but at least we didn’t do the “aboot” joke.  Small mercies and all that.)


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Episode Eighty Six – I noticed, to his rear, that the Alhazred Icon had begun to glow

Episode Eighty Six - Alhazared Icon

The trouble with having a dedicated team who go spelunking through the dark paths of the internet in search of That Which Must Not Be Downloaded is that you’ve got to deal with what it does to them: How fine is the line between Burned-Out and Hollowed-Out?

What’s it like to be back at the Ops Centre as the strike team hits a Mythos Infestation, trying to keep the strike team alive as it all goes to hell, or worse, around them?

You’re the second-best, and the very best spare no effort to make sure you never forget it.

Why might a time-traveller need a 74-gun ship of the line? And how long does it take to sail home when you’re not really sure how the time drive works?

Abd Alhazred has been dead for centuries, but the revelations of blasphemous events just keep on coming, through the medium of an unholy relic; When the Icon glows, it’s time for Alhazred’s Angels to leap into action.

Battling Mythos threats would be easier if your guide wasn’t insane, out of touch, and overly fond of metaphor and hyperbole.

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