Audient Ideas About Dragons

TAZ presents us with his Dragon Hoard-o-matic.

Kedamono wonders about what modern-day dragons collect that still holds value, given that gold is better protected now. And what headaches that could cause for the Bureau 13 agents keeping an eye on their … collecting.
And what happens when a dragon wakes from centuries of slumber and doesn’t know, or care, how the world works these days.

Jason G. reminded us of modern-day dragons, and is probably horrified by where we went with it.

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Episode Eighty One – Banana Warriors Of Dimension X

Unraveling the impending demise of Genetically-Engineered Super-soldiers before it unravels them.
Defending your new home from the uptight a-holes you moved here to avoid, ideally without anyone local finding out you’ve moved in.
Skulduggery & Genocide among the multidimensional produce of the Vegiverse.
Comedic Confused Urban Fantasy Post Apocalyptic Cyberpunk gaming.

And we do terrible things to VeggieTales. And Mad Max 2. Simultaneously.

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Episode Eighty – Why Would A Dragon Hoard That?

Big Red Couch - Episode Eighty - Why Would A Dragon Hoard That?

Dracoarchy in Action – “Yes, we elected a Dragon as our head of state.  His campaign had some very compelling points…      …and not just on his teeth.”

A horrifying discovery in the middle of the dungeon puts the party into high gear.  Reverse gear, that is, and wishing they’d dealt with the tricks and traps rather than just circumventing them.


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Gen Con 2016 – The Craig’s-Eye View On The Best Four And A Bit Days In Gaming

Gen Con

Kentucky Fried Gamers

Indiana Convention Centre

GenCon Post-Show Press Release


Questionable Content – Jeph Jaques
Something Positive – R. K. Milholland

Indie Games On Demand

RPG Design Panelcast
Pelgrane Press
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure
Doctor Who: The Curse Of Fatal Death

Cogs, Cakes, and Swordsticks
The Taking Of Beverly Hills


Doctor Who: Adventures in Time & Space
Thrilling Adventure Hour – podcast in the style of radio serials


Mikey Mason
Fear The Boot – rpg podcast
L.U.C.I.D. – Morning Skye Studio game using surveys to construct the plot

Ultra PRO
The Broken Token
Nights of Yore
Campaign Coins

The Laundry Files

Episode Seventy Nine – Crisis Angel Is A Douchbag

Big Red Couch - Episode Seventy Nine - Crisis Angel Is A Douchbag

Some people can keep their head in a crisis. But if it means that everyone else loses theirs, it’s probably best not to get them involved.

Stage magicians duel in the darkness behind the curtain, working to defeat frauds,  cultists, and sinister magical threats.

Crisis Angel to the rescue!  BTW, you’re coming with her.  Now.  Ready or not.

When their ward is driven to acts of horrible revenge, what’s a guardian angel to do?  Roll up their sleeves and pitch in?

There’s one every group of friends, right?  The high-maintenance, disaster magnet?  What happens when your group of friends wields incomprehensible cosmic power?


And from Mamading, the listener who tipped us off to the RSS going down, these ideas for our “Kansas is Vibrating” episode.

Following a underhanded preemptive strike (consisting of an upbeat teenager and her small dog) the inhabitants of OZ strike back at the realm that wronged them.

Kansas has been propelled into a hostile dimension, it’s citizens changing and gaining abilities that, if used wisely, but even see them through the peril ahead.

Some fiend has stolen the Sunflower state!  Battle hardened metahumans gather recover Kansas, and bring the thief to justice!

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Episode Seventy Eight – Kansas Is Vibrating

Big Red Couch - Episode Seventy Eight - Kansas Is Vibrating

The State of Kansas is leaving the Union: Economically, Legislatively, Administratively, and, with the aid of advanced rocket engines deep beneath the surface, Physically.

Loyal Kansans attempt to right the wrong of Kansas City, Missouri, by re-writing history. Sadly, time travel is an imprecise tool, and Kansas City has come adrift, moving from place to place in the present day, taking over the existing locations & population.

The Spirit of Kansas, tired of the State’s reputation as ‘boring’, is attracting attention by shaking things up in a very literal way.

Strange Vibrations beneath the very soils of Kansas?
Is it earthquakes? The result of fracking?
Nope; Space Maggots.

Space prospectors find the USS Kansas beached on an asteroid. How did she get there? And what happened to her crew?

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Episode Seventy Seven – This Island Universe

Big Red Couch - Episode Seventy Seven - This Island Universe


Trading ships running up and down a river whose shores touch different realities.

Building out from a the centre of a pocket universe, to uncover it’s boundaries and it’s secrets.

An artificial archipelago populated by the “insanely” wealthy, who suddenly have face an apocalypse and each other’s…    ..eccentricities.

Between the towering rows of crops and the treads of the machines that tend them, humanity ekes out an existence.

A slip of the tongue.  A case of mistaken identity.  Or the symptoms a partially erased alternative timeline?

Thanks to Taz and Burning for their ideas from from the Fear the Boot Forum thread!

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Episode Seventy Six – The Tragedy Of Little Miss Muffet

Big Red Couch - Episode Seventy Six - The Tragedy Of Little Miss Muffet

For small arts colleges in the cyberpunk dystopia, there’s a choice to be made between being free of any corporate influence, and dead broke, or climbing onto that gravy train of research into how to better control the world.

Rules about not interfering with developing life-forms are a fine idea, but when you finally find some folks who are almost at the point where you could talk to them, and there’s a threat inbound that they can’t deal with on their own, what do you do?

Who is framing the spider for Miss Muffet’s mysterious murder?

Miss Muffet lies dead at the Muffet Estate, and the assembled guests must determine which of them is the murderer.

Cyberpunk cities are bad enough, with the side-effects of corporate actions clearly visible in the streets and alleyways. But what’s happening out in the post-rural countryside?

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Episode Seventy Five – We call her “Amelia”, but we don’t know why.

We Call Her

The Undead flee in terror from the most ravenous horde of all.

Your village is built around a mystic…    …something.  Who stands between you and this source of power?

Megalithic Inc. needs troubleshooters to find out what happened to it’s venerable “Artificial Memory Encoded Linkable Intelligent Archive” system.  All you need to do is go down to the sub-sub-sub-(etc)-basement to find it.

The town’s gigantic stone protector is motionless in the face of a impending threat.  Is it broken, depressed, or just waiting for the other inhabitants to step up and protect themselves?

Thanks to Will of  AAW Games (@AdventureAWeek) and Episode Forty 48 – Eliquid  fame for being an awesome guest!


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Episode Seventy Four – Time Sculptors

People in a world which is, to them, entirely normal and sensible, discover that their whole reality is a lovingly crafted alternate timeline for the tourist trade.

The very best time to steal a priceless object is in the seconds before it’s destroyed forever. If you’re a time traveling heist team, that’s not impossible, but nobody would call it ‘easy’.

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